Protecting your home structure is important, but it’s also important to protect yourself from lawsuit.

Your Home and Liability


Probably the largest expense that you’ll ever have is the cost of your home. Small repairs, such as replacing a bad faucet, or even paying an electrician or plumber a few hundred dollars for a repair isn’t going to be a devastating hit to your back account. However, if a pipe breaks an floods your house ruining the floors, carpet, and walls…or if a tree falls on (or through) your roof and destroys an entire section of your home, or a fire burns your home completely to the ground, would you have an extra $10,000 to $400,000 to repair or rebuild? Probably not, which is why it’s so important to have proper coverage on your property.


Liability isn’t just in case someone slips on your property and sues you. Liability insurance follows you wherever you go, so if you’re in Hawaii, rent a surfboard, and surf into someone swimming in the water, giving him/her a concussion or sending them to the hospital, you’re covered with your liability insurance. Injuries to another person could cost well over $100,000.

Farm and Ranch

We’re an Idaho company, so we’re the best choice to insure your farm or ranch, your crops, and your farm equipment

Mountain and Country Homes

Many large insurance companies won’t insure a home in protective zones (zones determined by how long it would take the fire department to get there) 9 or 10 (the highest zone). They also often won’t insure your home if you heat it with a wood stove. Farm Bureau will insure homes in these remote areas, so you can live wherever you like.

Building Under Construction

Many things can cause damage while building a home…equipment being stolen, fire breakout while installing the electrical, rain, etc. Insuring your structure while being built protects it during that stage, then it’s reassessed with a policy that will cover the completed structure

Renter’s Insurance

The landlord covers the structure, but renter’s insurance covers what’s inside the structure…your items, furniture, etc. With renter’s insurance, you also have liability insurance with your choice of coverage to match your comfort level.

Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy covers you in $1 million dollar increments above the insurance coverage that you already have with Farm Bureau. For example, if you have $300,000 coverage liability, and you are at fault in a car accident and seriously injury or kill someone, once you liability policy has paid the maximum amount, your umbrella policy kicks in for an extra 1 or 2+ million coverage that you’ve chosen. A common misconception is that an umbrella policy covers you for anything that may happen, without having to have liability insurance…but again, it’s insurance IN ADDITION to insurance that you already in place with us.