We don’t just insure your cars and trucks, but also your ATVs, off-road motorcyles, and boats.



This category is for vehicles meant for driving on the road. When you insure your vehicle with Farm Bureau to include comprehensive and collision insurance, your insurance follows you in case you rent a vehicle from a bonafide rental agency. The liability also covers others that may be riding in the vehicle with you that may be injured in an accident. I would be happy to explain all of the details of your coverage.

Pull-Behind Trailers

Your liability for damage that may be caused by your trailer follows the liability that you have on the vehicle pulling it. If you want material damage on the trailer itself, you can add comprehensive insurance to it.

Off-Road Vehicles…ATVs, Dirt motorcycles, Boats

Liability insurance for your off-road vehicles (unlimited vehicles) is at no additional charge to you if you have your primary vehicle insured with us. Comprehensive (material damage) insurance on off-road vehicles is surprisingly inexpensive. I would be happy to run the numbers for you…call or text me anytime